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About Us

Since 1987 Asterino and Associates, Inc. has been providing medical billing and medical practice management services to both hospital-based and community-based physician groups. Asterino and Associates, Inc.'s dedicated team of over 40 heathcare professionals are devoted to assisting medical practices meet their business objectives with accounts receivable management (medical billing), automation software products (medical billing software), computer and network support, marketing, and human resource management.

The mission of Asterino and Associates, Inc. is to provide these services to clients in a performance-based environment at a level of customer service that exceeds expectations.

The Concept

Increased requirements by state and federal governments, insurance companies, and employers’ self-initiated cost containment programs introduced have created significant changes in healthcare management. Practice management is the process of developing and implementing a comprehensive, integrated strategy that is designed to maximize the use of your resources to achieve specific goals. Meeting specific objectives will not be accomplished without a strategy that addresses specific needs.

The Need

The management decisions your practice or institution makes today will determine your financial security tomorrow. In earlier, simpler times, traditional planning techniques sufficed. Today, however, opportunities and pitfalls abound in the complex healthcare medical billing environment. The business of managing a medical practice has become a growing concern among physicians and hospitals in order to be competitive in the healthcare industry.

Many administrative responsibilities such as accounts receivable management (medical billing) and marketing can no longer be considered clerical duties. In fact, with the addition of HMO’s, provider participation decisions, and increased competition for fewer healthcare dollars, many physicians and hospitals have realized the need for professional assistance to maintain consistent income levels. The need to manage delivery cost and align medical billing expense with medical billing revenue has become a critical and prudent strategy in today’s marketplace.

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